image Dr.Yaohui Tang
Department of orthopaedic surgery and bioengineering
Stanford University


Yaohui Tang is presently a Postdoctoral fellow in Department of orthopedic surgery and bioengineering, School of medicine, Stanford University. He has been as a Postdoctor fellow in High-field Magnetic Resonance Department, Ph D Student in Biomedical Engineering. He received many scholarships and has been awarded with National Scholarship for Chinese Undergraduates, BRAIN 2013 Young Investigator Travel Bursary, Outstanding thesis honor, Ministry of Public Health, China.

Yaohui Tang has original Papers in Biomaterials, Stem cells ,Gene therapy , Nano medicine and Neurotrauma to name a few.He also produced abstracts and invited reviews in the same area of his interest.

Research Interest

Biomaterials, Stem cell based therapy for bone regeneration and ischemic stroke,Stem cell tracking using imaging Techniques,Gene based therapy for ischemic stroke.
Functional MRI and electrophysiology, The mechanisms of cerebrovascular diseases both in basic and clinical fields.

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