image Dr. Xinyi Jiang
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Stanford University


Dr. Xinyi Jianghas extensive expertise in developing biomaterials-based platforms for drug delivery, tissue engineering like ontogenesis and cartilage regeneration. Hisrecent work has resulted in 20 papers in highly selective journals in the field of biomaterials, drug delivery, tissue engineering and orthopedic surgery.During his Ph.D. study at Fudan University (China),under the supervision of advisor (Prof. X.L. Fang), he and co-Investigators successfully completed a 973 program, the largest available National Key Basic Research Program in China (16,270,000). Theyhave successfully received grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. During his postdoctoral study at Stanford University he honored 2 postdoctoral fellowships. Now he is working as a research associate in Fan Yang’s research team at Stanford University School of medicine.

Research Interest

Stem cells and non-viral gene delivery in scaffold for enhancing bone regeneration and cartilage regeneration. And also focus on biomaterials synthesis and stem cells reprogramming in 3-D scaffolds for tissue regeneration, and non-viral based gene delivery.

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