image Dr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Japan Community Health Care Organization


Dr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi is currently working as an orthopaedic surgeon in Japan Community Health Care Organization, Japan. He was graduated from the University of Tokyo and earlier worked as surgeon scientist in both laboratory and clinical aspects of these disorders.

Dr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi published 285 peer-reviewed original articles (total impact factor: 1,436) in prestigious scientific journals. Importantly, some of these reported efforts have already led to clinical use, for example, a recombinant agent for fracture healing and a novel artificial joint with longevity.

He received the 2009 Kappa Delta Award, the 2006 Frank Stinchfield Award of the Hip Society, the 2006 Basic Science Award of OARSI, and the 2011 Lawrence Raisz Award of ASBMR.

Research Interest

Bone fracture
Periprosthetic osteolysis
Ossification of spinal ligaments

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