image Dr. Sahra Emamzadehfard
Department of Radiology/ Cancer Research
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


Dr. Sahra Emamzadehfard is a Post Doctorate Research Fellow in Department of Radiology from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA and also in Division of Interventional Radiology from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA. Her review of manuscript like Genetic Diversity and Antiretroviral Drug Resistance among Drug-Na´ve HIV Type 1 Infected Patients attending Clinics in Kinshasa, Socio-demographic Data and Prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

Earlier, she pursued her medical studies in School of Medicine from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Master of Public Health in School of Public Health in Tehran. She did her thesis on Investigating of adherence to IMOD in PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) referred to Imam- Khomeini Hospital. Her reaserch are focused on diagnosis and management of cancers by new molecular imagings, molecular pathway recognitions, and manage it by new non-invasive approach and follow the up by the new tracers and markers.

Research Interest

Endocrinology and Metabolism
Paediatric Urology
Cancer Research

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