image Dr. Paulo Pereira
Professor in Clinical Laboratory
Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation
Lisbon, Portugal


Dr. Paulo Pereira is currently working as Professor in the MSc in Organization and Quality in Clinical Laboratory at the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation, Portugal. He received his MSc degree and PhD thesis from the Catholic University of Portugal. He is Coordinator of Quality Management Department in the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation, a producer of blood components and the Portuguese State agency to transfusion and transplantation.

He has 22+ years of experience in medical laboratory, having held key scientific leadership roles. 16+ years as a consultant and auditor of quality management systems and technical requirements in a national transfusion and transplantation institute. 9+ years as a quality manager and the national coordinator of a quality management department in a national transfusion and transplantation institute. 5+ years as a quality control teacher in the School of Health Technology, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute and the Medical School, Nova University of Lisbon. He worked 9+ years as medical technician and 3+ years as consultant of a metrology laboratory in a national transfusion and transplantation institute based on ISO/IEC 17025 specifications.

Dr. Pereira has been recruited as a quality and laboratory utilization expert for seminars and laboratory professional meeting throughout Europe. He is an author of several peer-review scientific, technical articles and indexed book chapters. He is also Instructor, Advisor, Auditor and Professor of quality control in same fields, quality management and technical requirements of medical laboratories. His publications and conference presentations cover a wide range of topics from transfusion and transplantation to medical laboratories focused in quality control models. He published several peer-reviewed technical and scientific book chapters and articles in several journals.

Research Interest

Quality assurance
Quality control
Measurement uncertainty
Method validation

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