Publication Ethics

Mathews Open Access Journals follow certain ethical standards to make sure high-quality scientific publications, to attain public confidence in scientific findings.

Plagiarism/ Duplicate Submission: Open Access Journals is dedicated to publish the scientific information which is original and the content should not be submitted/ published elsewhere with other publishing groups. Our quality control teams checks for the plagiarism through software to detect the overlapping of content and similar text in submitted manuscripts. If the manuscripts are observed to be plagiarised/ duplicate submission/ submitted elsewhere they will rejected at any stage of evaluation process.

Data Fabrication and Falsification: If the Submitted manuscripts are found to have either fabricated or falsified research work, i.e. methods, experimental results, including the manipulation of images will be immediately rejected.

Conflicts of Interest: Open Access Journals follows double blind peer review process to avoid conflicts. The author(s) should hold responsibility in providing conflicts if any to avoid further conflicts.

Confidentiality Protection: Editors and Reviewers are requested to be very careful while reviewing the manuscripts. It is ethically not accepted to use/disseminate the unpublished work.

Human and Animal Rights: Clear statements and ethical clearance documents need to be provided if applicable. The work involving animal models and human volunteers need to submit the necessary statements.

In the above publication ethical cases if the violations are found, the editorial office is authorized to take action accordingly.

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