Q: What are the Open Access Journals are available in your Publishing group?

Ans: Please visit the mentioned link www.mathewsopenaccess.com to view the list of Journals that are available with us.

Q: How am I to submit my paper?

The candidate is required to send the paper to the individual email of each journal by visiting the concerned journal home page.

Q: When will my paper be published?

Ans: We publish the paper within 3 days after acceptance of the paper.

Q: How do I become peer-Reviewer to the Journal?

Ans: Kindly contact info@mathewsopenaccess.com and express your interest.

Q: Do Editor have to work continuously?

Ans: No, the editorial office will be helping you whenever required as we understand that you may be busy in other commitments.

Q: Whom do I have to contact at the Editorial office if I have any queries?

Ans: Kindly contact Journal email ID or info@mathewsopenaccess.com. Editorial office or the respective Journal Managing Editor will respond you immediately.

Q: What is the eligibility do I need to review a manuscript?

Ans: The reviewers are assigned by the Editors as per the research matching to the topic field of manuscript. Self registered peer reviewers must be having a few published papers in the field of interest they mentioned.

Q: Where do I have to submit the Review comments?

Ans: Please submit your review comments in the mentioned form and send us to respective email ID from which you have had received the Manuscript to review.

Q: Is there any limit to review papers?

Ans: No. You may review as many manuscripts you wish according to manuscript topic match your interest.

Give us some quick information and we'll guide you in the right direction.