Editor Guidelines

Chief Editor and Editors play a vital role in maintaining standards of journal through peer review process. Editors should make sure that all the articles must be published with respect to the scope of the journal according to scientific relevancy, veracity, Research strength, innovative methods. Editors must be unbiased with his decisions given on manuscripts and that should not be affected by the authorís nativity, nationality, ethnicity, religion etc. Manuscript judgment must support the scientific validity and significance to the scientific world.


After receiving manuscripts from author, editorial office assigns the manuscript to an editor to review the manuscript. Papers are assigned to editors based on their expertise and research interest. Editorís role is to assign two reviewers to provide review comments. In a situation where editor cannot assign reviewers, then editorial office assigns the reviewers on behalf of editor. Editor should respond timely on his timeline in completing the peer review process and providing his decisions on manuscripts. Editor has to supervise the entire peer review cycle to preserve the principles of the journal. Editor can handle any number manuscripts for peer review process according to his interest and other commitments. As the editors are back bone to journal sustainability, editors can contribute the manuscripts which can be research articles/ editorials/ short communications for continuation of issues in the journal. Editor has to encourage the submissions from other qualified authors and they can suggest their colleagues. We welcome our editors to suggest us new thoughts and ideas for the advancement of the journal. Editors need to ensure the security of individual data and maintain privacy.

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