image Dr. Michael Goldberg
Biomedicale des Saints Peres
Universite Paris Descartes


Dr. Michael Goldberg is Professor in Biomedicale des Saints Peres from University Paris Descartes, Paris. He did his doctoral studies in Dental surgeon in Medical Faculty of Paris, Doctor in Dental Sciences in University René Descartes and State Doctorate degree in Natural Sciences, University Pierre and Marie Curie. His honors are Chevalier Ordre National du Mérite and Distingish Service Award IADR - IADR Distinguished Scientist Award for Pulp Biology Research.

He is Continental European Division (CED) / IADR member, CED/IADR Board member, charge of the Travel Awards, Robert Frank Award, CED-IADR Board: Long Range, Chair of the IADR Hatton Award. He Is Member of the GSK award and Chair of this award in 2014.

Research Interest Extracellular matrix and biomineralizations (phosphorylated and glycosylated proteins, proteoglycans, phospholipids, metalloproteinases)
Development of dental tissues: dentinogenesis, amelogenesis
Pulp biology, adult STEM cells, recruitment and differentiation- Tissue engineering - biocompatibility of restorative biomaterials with pulp cells.

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