image Dr. Maurizio Santomauro
Aritmology and Cardiac Pacing and Syncope Unit
University of Naples


Dr. Maurizio Santomauro was a director of Aritmology and Cardiac Pacing and Syncope Unit, Italy. He completed his Graduation in the University of Naples "Federico II" School of Medicine in 1980, Post-graduation and Master Degree in Pediatric Cardiology in 2000, Sport medicine and Diving in 2002 and Medical Management in 2003 in the University of Naples, Italy.

Dr. Maurizio Santomauro was a National President of Italian Group for Cardiac Emergency. He published More than 200 on journals and books and 50 peer-review papers. He is a Member of the Scientific Board of National and International Scientific Conferences. He is a Co-editor of publications in Italian language.

Research Interest

Internal Medicine
Biomedical Technologies
Cardio Stimulation
Arrhythmology in Sport and Pediatrics

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