image Dr.Bai-Yan Li
Department of Pharmacology
School of Pharmacy, Harbin Medical University


Dr.Bai-Yan Li is currently working as Professor in the department of Pharmacology in School of Pharmacy, Harbin Medical University, China. He completed his post-doctoral studies in Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Neurophysiology from Harbin Medical University, CHINA and Purdue School of IUPUI, USA respectively.

Dr.Bai-Yan Li has nearly 70 publications in various National and International journals related to Cardiology along with book chapters. He is also serving as Editorial board member and peer-reviewer for renowned journals of cardiology.

Research Interests

  • Sensory neuroscience related to the baroreflex afferent pathway and sex-difference in the neurocontrol of circulation
  • cardiovascularpahrmacology related to hypertension, arrhythemia
  • Electrophysiology in neurons and cardiomyocytes

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