image Dr. Porfirio Gomora A
Center for advanced studies IPN
Tlaxcala laboratory


Dr. Porfirio Gomora A is working in center for advanced studies IPN Tlaxcala laboratory in Mexico. He Studied biology at the Autonomous Metropolitan University from Iztapalapa in Mexico. He did Master in neurophysiology at the Institute of physiology of the Meritorious University of Puebla and his PhD in Reproductive Biology at the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala in Mexico.

Earlier, he worked as Associate professor in Autonomous University of Tlaxcala research center in biology of animal reproduction and female sexual behaviour in Tlaxcala, Mexico and also as Professor Asignature Metropolitan Autonomous University in Department de Biología de la Reproducción in Mexico.

Research Interest

Analgesia induced by copulatory activity of the male and female rats.
Pain therapy for both intraperitoneal and oral administration of glycinamide
Oxytocin induced analgesia

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