image Dr. Mor Saban
Department of Nursing
University of Haifa


Dr. Mor Saban currently works at the Department of Nursing, University of Haifa, Israel. Their current project is 'Mindful triage'. She holds her academic studies at the University of Haifa in the Department of Nursing of The Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Science. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nursing, with distinction. She continued directly into a Masterís degree program at the University of Haifa, pursuing 2 degree programs simultaneously one in the Department of Nursing and one in the School of Public Health.

She continued her academic activities, while presenting initial findings of her research at various conferences in Israel and abroad and also began writing and publishing academic articles. As this is being written, three study has been published, two articles have been submitted and are undergoing peer review, and four additional articles are at various stages of writing, following the completion of data collection and analysis.

Research Interest

Emergency nursing and medicine
Acute cardiac care
Acute neurological care
Quality improvement
Resilience and mindfulness in the emergency department
Nurse education
End of life therapy
Futile medicine

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