image Dr. Stefania Turrina
Department of Diagnostics and Public Health
University of Verona


Dr. Stefania Turrina, holds a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies from the University of Padova, Italy, and a Ph.D. in Forensic Toxicological Sciences from the University of Verona, Italy. She is currently working as Lecturer and Group Leader of the Forensic Genetics Laboratory of the Institute of Legal Medicine, Department of Diagnostics and Public Health at University of Verona, Italy. She is also working as Forensic DNA Expert for Italian Courts.

Her research includes Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Genetics resulting in 51 peer reviewed scientific articles published in Journals indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science. In addition, she is author /co-author of 31 Posters and Communications at International Congress. She has been invited as editorial board members of one scientific journal and she has serving as reviewer in various international journals.

Research interests:
Stefania Turrina current research project include STR (autosomal, X and Y) and SNP typing by massively parallel sequencing (MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System)

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