image Dr. Goncalves, Francisco V
Department of Forensic
University of Leicester


Dr. Francisco Valente Gonçalves is a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher within the INTREPID Forensics Programme (University of Leicester) where he carries a PhD on the decision-making processes of forensic experts. He holds a BSc in Psychological Sciences (ISPA-IU, Portugal and University at de Valencia, Spain) and an MSc in Psychocriminology (ISPA-IU, Portugal) and a PG Dip in Psychotherapeutic Intervention (Instituto CRIAP). Francisco worked as a forensic and clinical psychologist in various contexts such as the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, hospitals, prisons, NGO’s and private practice.

He has been invited as member of international societies in the areas of psychology, criminology and forensic sciences. Also as consultant by police agencies in topics related to forensic sciences and accreditation and by NGO’s in the field of psychology.

Francisco is also a guest lecture at the University of Leicester in topics related to psychology, criminology and forensic sciences, and an invited lecturer at Instituto Paulista de Estudos Bioéticos e Jurídicos (IPEBJ, Brazil).

Research interests:
Forensic sciences
Psychological Assessment

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